Sewol Ferry sinking incident.

The Sewol Ferry was traveling from Incheon to Jeju Island in South Korea. It was full of hundreds of high school students and staff. 2 people were confirmed as deceased. A 27 year old staff member(some sources claim it was a woman), and a student. Almost 300 people are still missing. Witnesses said “There was a bang and the ship started sinking.” The cause is still vaguely unknown. A U.S. Navy ship and helicopters were sent for help. One of the victims who survived had to swim through the freezing water, he said he had to live and endured it. This is a serious incident and tragic as well. Please be respectful and do not take it as a joke. I made this post to clarify what happened. This incident is no more important than any other tragic incident that has happened or is happening anywhere else. So do not treat it differently.


(Source: sicachest)


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